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Steve S Irvine

I purchased their Exchange Recovery software 6 months ago and have still been unable to use it. The software is a download and must connect to their server to activate. I was not able to activate it. I tried their manual activation and they never replied to my many email attempts. They do not issue refunds, even though their website clearly says you have a 30 day money back guarantee. They then claim that is only valid if their support is unable to offer you help. They do offer help in the form of emails that say their software is good and you must not being using it correctly. So I am out $399 for nothing. I would highly suggest you consider ANY other company to use instead of this one.

le 18 octobre 2015

Scoot Hill Edison

I was in urgent need of recovery program as I've accidentally formatted the whole 500 GBs of hard disk drive. After trying multiple utilities, I cannot recover more than 120 GBs of files which I've not need anyways. However, Stellar Phoenix Programs succeeded in recovering over 450 GBs of files. Still, it gives more promising results than rest of the recovery tools and I can freely recommend it to anyone. Below are the points that I'd recommend you to take into consideration before purchasing recovery programs: 1. Run full scan of the problem device and see if you can see preview of deleted files. 2. Once assured, only then you can proceed with payments. 3. Make sure that Manufacturers has enough support capabilities to solve even the trickiest queries. Thanks!!

le 14 septembre 2015

Mike Dallas

Do not use inflatable superstore, Superior Inflatables. We bought a unit from them on Nov. 28th for their black Fri.deal. It said they had 22 in stock. We said a delivery date of March 1st. Well when we came close to that date we called to get an update, and we were told a completion date of March 18th. When that date came a long we were told we would not have it at that time, but we have a delivery date set up for the the week of April 1st. Well that date came and went. Ofcourse I was angry, but gave this guy the benifit of the doubt because he said his wife was sick, and other excuses he gave me. I told him I have a huge event May 7th and I need that inflatable. He said you have my word I will put it in writing that you will have that unit for your event go ahead and book it. I booked 3 events for that unit. When I called for a delivery date no answer, and it took a week for this coward to finally tell me he is not going to have my unit by the date of my event, and he guarantees me a delivery date before the 4th of July. This guy is full of lies, and after reading several forums about his this is normal for him. Pay the extra money, and go with a reputable manufacture. I have had to go to the BBB because I have lost thousands of dollars because of this guy. I guess you get what you pay for, or in my case you get nothing for what you pay for.

le 03 mai 2015

Edward Klose Connecticut

I had to visit India to start my new business. My friend advised me to book flight online at trip beam as he is very much familiar with booking tickets. I am so happy to use the services of trip beam.

le 27 juin 2014

Steve Newton Waterbury

I was able to book my tickets through a chat within no time. Also, they provided me a good discount on my flight ticket to Delhi. Their services are very quick and problem free.

le 25 juin 2014

Nancy Uk

Wow, I love it so much! It really is stunning. I can't believe this quality could be this inexpensive! It arrived earlier than expected. Appreciate your best service!

le 27 février 2014