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We, Inflatables Superstore are an online brand based in Temecula, California and sell commercial grade inflatable products. We are a US veteran owned business and have been in the inflatable industry for more than 10 years and provide the best in the industry, quality inflatable products for the best prices. Whether you are an inflatable start up or a party rental business, an indoor entertainment center or anybody who is looking for an inflatable for their weekend kids party, we have the kind of inflatable you need. We also manufacture custom designs to suit your interests and taste.

Our online store has detailed specifications of all of our inflatable products and once you order, we won’t take more than 2-4 weeks to deliver, depending on seasonal demands. Inflatable Superstore is proud of having introduced the first Bounce House Movie Screen and owns patents on many of its inflatable products. Some of the products you can find in our online store are: the very popular Bongo Bounce House Series, Bounce House and Castles, Bounce 'N Slide Combos, Obstacle Courses, Custom Inflatables, Inflatable Movie Screens, Slides, Slip ‘N Slides, Inflatable Games, Water Slides and other Inflatable Accessories. We also offer inflatable repair services. 

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Mike Dallas

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Do not use inflatable superstore, Superior Inflatables. We bought a unit from them on Nov. 28th for their black Fri.deal. It said they had 22 in stock. We said a delivery date of March 1st. Well when we came close to that date we called to get an update, and we were told a completion date of March 18th. When that date came a long we were told we would not have it at that time, but we have a delivery date set up for the the week of April 1st. Well that date came and went. Ofcourse I was angry, but gave this guy the benifit of the doubt because he said his wife was sick, and other excuses he gave me. I told him I have a huge event May 7th and I need that inflatable. He said you have my word I will put it in writing that you will have that unit for your event go ahead and book it. I booked 3 events for that unit. When I called for a delivery date no answer, and it took a week for this coward to finally tell me he is not going to have my unit by the date of my event, and he guarantees me a delivery date before the 4th of July. This guy is full of lies, and after reading several forums about his this is normal for him. Pay the extra money, and go with a reputable manufacture. I have had to go to the BBB because I have lost thousands of dollars because of this guy. I guess you get what you pay for, or in my case you get nothing for what you pay for.

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