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 Strengths :
We offer a vast selection of fabrics at wholesale prices. Our website is also very user friendly with great search and filter tools to help you find exactly what you need quickly.

Fabric-Online.com is an online fabric superstore that offers a wide selection of fabrics by the yard at wholesale prices with shipping across Canada and the United States. It has been owned and operated by three generations of family since 1984.

Some of the many fabric materials available include fleece, flannel, quilting cottons, vinyl, sheers, jacquards, felt, outdoor / waterproof fabrics, laces, embroideries, chenille, satins, broadcloth, linen, taffeta, silk, spandex, velvet, ultra-suede, wide width fabrics, quilted fabrics, corduroy, fun fur, chiffon, tool, muslin, canvas, and much more.

 Worth knowing :
To pay for your purchases you can use the following payment methods : a credit or debit card,  or an electronic wallet (e.g., PayPal).
Your purchases will be delivered at the delivery address provided.
Shipping and handling is free when you spend$ 70
The legal entity is a: Private Limited Company (LTD).
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 This store has existed since 2018.

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Fabric store, Fleece fabric, Quilting fabric, Vinyl fabric, Flannel fabric.

 You can also visit our physical store: 5-3500 27 St NE

 Address of Registered Office: :

5-3500 27 Street NE
T1Y5E2 Calgary - Canada

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