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Do you fancy wearing a cause, but fashionably? If yes, then Veza is your destination! We make fabulous, attractive and fashionable wristbands. Our sports and fashion wristbands are simple yet elegantly designed and will appeal to anyone who loves to sport a cause- both men and women! We’re different-unlike our contemporaries, we do not just design fashion bands but also send out a message. And so, each of our wristband supports a unique charity. We have currently partnered with 12 charities- each with a unique and moving cause.

Veza wristbands make ideal gifts as they come in a vast array of colors and three different sizes (Small, Medium, Large)! They can fit anyone by comfortably stretching on your hand and fashionably resting on your wrist. Age is no barrier to sport our fashion- our wristbands are made to suit anyone of ages 3 and up! Created for outdoor and sports lovers who care to support, our wristbands are made from non-toxic, medical grade plastic, are waterproof and can withstand anything that Nature can hurl on them!

Giving a feel of distressed leather, our bands are affordable luxury and have already made a mark in the ecommerce industry! Shop for our products online, and we will pack them for you in 100% recycled paper. For more about the charities we support, and to shop for our products, please visit http://www.vezabands.com/about-us & http://www.vezabands.com/shop. Pick a charity that moves you! Sport the cause fashionably! Spread the word! Make a difference!

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