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BNatrl is a family owned business and an online store that was started with the intention of providing healthy and reliable products that will increase the quality of people’s life.

BNatrl is a source of healthy food products and nutritional supplements that are completely natural, organic and non GMO. We have been a success story because we have worked with what we love for so many years and gathered all our experience, knowledge and enthusiasm over these years to come up with healthy products that can gain people’s trust and promote a healthy lifestyle. Our feature rich website showcases all of our products with pictures and useful descriptions.

The main category of products featured in our online store include: Silver Solution, vitamins & supplement, freeze dried food, freeze dried vegetables, emergency food, emergency items, and organic fruit powder. Our silver solution, silver gel and silver lozenges products are all packed at 12ppm while our frozen dried food are organic, GMO free, offering a shelf life of 5-20 years.

BNatrl believes that being prepared for unexpected emergencies offers a sense of peace and security and hence the emergency food items in our online store are all organic and have a shelf life of 20 years. BNatrl’s online store also features organic raw fruit and vegetable powders to improve health and quality of life. 

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 This store has existed since 2013.
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