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 Strengths :
One of the main things about Cedar Bear is that it was the first company to produce natural herbs without the use of alcohol.

Cedar Bear™ sells natural herbal supplements for adults, children, and pets. Natural supplements are created with a tincture and extraction process known as TincTract®. All herbs are alcohol-free and use glycerin in the production process. We are based out of Utah and sell products online and in stores throughout the country.

Our founders are herbalists and have been manufacturing these supplements for 30 years. We also make pet supplements as well as Xodine, a unique natural iodine supplement. We also help clients with private labeling their products with our private contract labeling service.

Wholesale is also available.

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To pay for your purchases you can use the following payment methods : a credit or debit card, an electronic wallet (e.g., PayPal),  or a store charge card.
Your purchases will be delivered at the delivery address provided,  or if you prefer at a drop-off point.
Shipping and handling is free when you spend$ 300
The legal entity is a: Limited Liability Company (LLC).
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 This store has existed since 2009.
Localization: Utah (Utah)

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